Plant Health Laboratory - PHC

Plant Health clinic is unique initiative tried by KVK, Mehsana to link the farmers with the scientific knoweldge. With farmers realizing benefits from this service, there is a growing demand for the service of the plant health clinics. PHC established under the scheme for providing adequate diagnostic and advisory facilities to farmers on time and also to facilitate eco-friendly and scientific pest manamegement strategies to increase production and productivity. PHC is mainly working on pests and diseases diagnosis and to advisories as well as farmers field activities for the benefit of farming community.


  • Now a days, farmers faces the problem like eratic weather, incidence of pests and diseases, weeds, etc and therefore, severe losses in crop/plants.
  • The plant doctors, help the farmers with as much support as they can in terms of education, diagnosis and prescription.


The PHC is well-equipped with Autoclave, Leminar Airflow, BOD Incubator, Refrigerator, Shaker, Ellisa Reader, Centrifuze, Computer, Digital Camera, Digital Microscope, pH meter, EC meter.

Seliant feature

The clinic is now promoting various sustainable technologies such as ecologicial engineering, Agro eco-system analysis, on farm production of bio control agents along with regular pest and diseases diagnosis and surveillance based advisories. The activities and out reach activities of the PHC are acting as a total situation which strengthens the whole plant health system.