Mehsana at a glance…..


Geographical Location

72.07 0   to 72.26 0  East Longitude

23.15 0   to 23.53 0  North Latitude

Average Rain fall

600 mm


Sabarmati, Rupen, Saraswati, Khari, Pushpawati

District Headquarter






Population Density

419 person /

Sex Ratio

927 female per 1000 males

Literacy Rate

72.57 %

Agro climatic zone


Seismic Zone

Zone III

  • District is also well know popular as Oil city due to Several petroleum resource are found from district.
  • It is also known as Milk city as district also host a Cooperative milk dairy - Dudhsagar. which is second largest dairy in Asia processing on average of 1.42 million litre per days.
  • Mehsana district is located in North Gujarat, about 75 km away from Ahmedabad.
  • The major crops of Mehsana are Wheat, Bajara, Jowar, Cotton, Tobacco, Castor, Mustard, Sesamum, Cumin, Isabgol, Fennel, Groundnut, Brinjal, Potato, Tomatoes, Okra, Mango, Citrus, Sapota.
  • Mehsana is the largest producer of lime in Gujarat contributing 24% to total production of the State
  • The district is the third largest producer of Tomato with 9% share in total vegetable production of the State.
  • Mehsana is the largest producer of Fennel seed with 36% contribution in total Spice production of the State Cumin seed is other major crop of the district.
  • There are three agricultural research centre at Jagudan ( Spices), Vijapur (Wheat) Ladol (Tabacco) of S.D Agricultural University.
  • ‘Sun Temple’at Modhera, Ancient city Vadnagar, Sanku Water park are major important tourist destination of Mehsana district.
  • Asian largest APMC at Unjha.
  • Geographical Location : 72.07 0 to 72.26 0 East Longitude ,23.15 0 to 23.53 0 North Latitude
  • Average Rain fall : 600 mm having main river : Sabarmati, Rupen, Saraswati, Khari, Pushpawati
  • District headquarters is Mehsana and it distributed in nine tehsil
  • Population density is 419 person / having sex ration of 927 female per 1000 male
  • District is located under VI Agro climatic zone and III Seismic zone