Leaf Tissue Analysis Lab

A critical requirement for producing an excellent fruits and vegetables knows the nutritional status of your planting. The only way that the nutritional status can be assessed is through leaf/tissue analysis. Soil tests provide only a soil health status. Leaf/tissue analysis shows which nutrients the plant is actually absorbing and facilitates fine tuning of the fertilization program. It lets the grower know when an element is becoming deficient before symptoms show up and allows for correction of the problem before fruit quality and yield suffer. Therefore, need to establishment of laboratory facility for the cause of plant samples analysis to advocate the farmers about nutritional problems of their crops is highly necessary now a days in Gujarat and especially for North Gujarat region where horticulture is getting popularity in a big way.


  • Establishment of leaf/tissue analysis facility at KVK, Kherva center to promote Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) in horticultural Crops.

  • Providing advisory services to farmers for balance nutrition in horticultural crops to enhance the productivity and quality of products.

List of Instruments available:

  • Shaker

  • BOD Incubator

  • Flame photometer

  • pH Meter

  • Stereo Binocular Microscope

  • Micro Kjeldahl unit

  • Centrifuge machine

  • Microwave Oven