8th Scientific Advisory Commitee meeting

The 8th SAC meeting of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, was held at KVK, Kherva in the Chairmanship of Hon. Director, Krishi Vigyan Kendra,  Mehsana District Education Foundation, Shri A.T. Patel. At the outset, Mr. M. R. Patel, welcomed invited dignitaries and guests of the meeting. Dr.M.V. Patel, Senior Scientist and Head presented the Annual Progress Report of 2015-16 and action plan for the year 2016-17.  The members of SAC had reviewed the suggestions and action taken of 7th SAC meeting. The discussion was held on Annual Progress Report of 2015-16 and action plan for the year 2016-17. The list of members who attended the meeting is attached herewith separately as Annexure-I. The following salient recommendations were made by the SAC members.

  • To develop literature/folder of Pradhan Mantry Pak Vima Yojna and give to the farmers.
  • Ferrous Sulphate is easily available at low cost. Ferrous Suphate is used in lime and other crops gave good results. Thus, transfer this knowledge to other farmers for large scale adoption.
  • SDAU quarterly review meeting should be organized at KVK, Mehsana.
  • We should increase our effort to make the KVK more efficient.
  • If farmers have any different type's variety of crop, encourage them to send variety for testing under PPVFRA act.
  • Increase awareness among farmers about export oriented cumin production. Mostly rejection of cumin during export because of higher level of pesticides found in cumin.
  • Give more importance to cooperative farming system because after the adoption of cooperating farming system, the farmer taken good qualitative and quantitative crop production and latest agriculture technology can be used on their farm also.
  • If farmers have any agriculture loan related problem from bank, contact the DDM NABARD.
  • Give the benefit or career advancement according to the ICAR rules and regulation, to the employee of KVK who completed 10 years service in the KVK.
  • The progressive farmer requested to increase subsidy on wire fencing from forest department for the crop protection from wild animals.
  • Encouraged the farmers to adopt zatka system which is available at low cost.
  • The progressive farmers also demanded subsidy on zatka system.
  • Provide the information in numerical form in the action taken presented in the SAC meeting.

At the end of the meeting Shri B.K. Patel, Subject Matter Specialist (Agronomy) extended the vote of thanks to all the members for their active participation and constructive and valuable suggestions.

1      Shri A T Patel,  Director, KVK

2      Shri. H M Patel, Joint Director, MDEF

3      Dr. K A Thakkar, Dir. of Ext.Edu, S.D.A.U

4      Shri. H.P.Patel, I/C Senio Scientist and Head KVK Samoda

5      Mr. H D Vaghela, DAO, Mehsana

6      Shri M.J. Patel,  Trustee, MDEF

7      Shri.B.N.Patel, P.D ATMA, Mehsana

8      Shri R.K. Chaudhary, Agronomist, GSFC, Mehsana

9      Smt. T K Vania,  MDT Agri., DWDU, Mehsana

10    Shir. R K Chelar, DDM, NABARD, Mehsana

11    Shri. B N Desai, Forest officer, Ambaliyasan Range, Mehsana

12    Shri J.R. Patel, Branch Manager, Dena Bank, Mehsana

13    Shri. M V Parmar,  Horticulture officer, Mehsana

14    Shri. Yogesh Patel, GGRC, Mehsana

15    Shri. Dahyabhai Patel,  Progressive Farmer, Hasanpur

16    Shri. J.M. Khokar,  Progressive Farmer, Savala

17    Shri. Manibhai Ishwarbhai, Progressive Farmer, Vasai

18    Mrs. Bhikhiben Patel,  Progressive Farm Woman, Susi

19    Mrs. Sangitaben Patel, Progressive Farm Woman, Mathasur

20    Dr. M.V. Patel, Senio Scientist and Head KVK Mehsana